Happy Wednesday

Hello there! Notice anything different? I decided to switch up my design and I love it. I needed a change and I think I got exactly what I was looking for. I have also been working on speeding up my blog and will be doing more of that over the next few days. I apologize if my blog is loading slow for you. I’m trying to fix it as quickly as I can. 

Today I’m going bullet style update on ya:

– How it is the end of April already? Summer’s coming yall.

– My brother in law’s wedding is Memorial Day weekend. I finally found a dress last week. We got the boys suits. They are going to look so cute. Now we just need to figure out all of the accessories. My dress is teal, any suggestions on what color shoes I should get?

– I attempted to ombre my hair. Fortunately or unfortunately however you look at it, it didn’t lift very much. So the results are very subtle.

– Are you dealing with insane pollen right now?? Everything is yellow here.

– We did our first trail run in a very long time over the weekend. I can’t wait to get back into the groove. We are running the Riverrock mud run in a couple of weeks.


– Nathan has his spring concert at school last night. It was very cute. All the kids did great.

– Speaking of the concert I posted this on Facebook last night: 



What do you have going on this week?

They grow too fast

Yesterday was an emotional day for this momma. I started out the day by registering wild #2 for Kindergarten. Wait, what?! When did this happen? When did my baby get big enough for school? As much as I know that he is more than ready it’s hard. For the past 7 years I have been a stay at home mom. I have held that title proudly. Now it’s time to let my baby bird fly out of the nest. My last baby bird. I don’t even think it’s set in yet.

Here in our school district they give every rising Kindergartner the Brigance test. It’s just a way for them to measure where they are at coming into school. Logan rocked it! I had no doubt that he would. He’s such a smart boy. He has so much confidence and I just know he’s going to do great in school. I don’t worry about him at all. But I sure am going to miss him during the day.

So we got Logan registered and then it was time to take Nathan to his first eye appointment. He mentioned to his teacher that he was having trouble seeing the board. The school nurse checked him out and recommended he see the doctor. So off we went. His vision is a little off but nothing we need to do anything about just yet. Then the Doc says “But he did have trouble with his colors. He’s color blind.” WHAT!! Wait backup! What does that even mean??

I had to hold back the waterworks. I swallowed the lump in my throat and listened while the doctor explained. Nathan cannot see dark greens and dark reds. They look brown to him. I felt like someone punched me. In the grand scheme of things if this is the only problem Nathan ever has we are doing pretty fantastic. However, no parent ever wants to hear that anything is “off” with your child. I was also worried about how he was going to react. Nathan is our sensitive child.

As I suspected he took it pretty hard. He kept saying that everyone is going to make fun of him. I tried to explain to him that it’s no big deal and that he is perfectly healthy. I also told him that he doesn’t have to tell anyone if he doesn’t want to. However, knowing my son, it will be the first thing he says at school today. I’m just hoping the kids are understanding since most of them won’t know what it is anyway.

I know that John and I are extremely blessed. Both our boys and healthy and super smart. They are happy and that’s all that matters. I do try to do my best to concentrate on the good things but every once in awhile there’s a wrench thrown in there. I’m only human and can’t help but react to them. They are my children. They are my heart and soul. As a mother you just want to protect them. And when there’s something that hurts them that you have no control over, it hurts like hell.



You guys! In the past month I have done two live TV appearances, one live radio segment, and one recorded radio segment. I am still pinching myself. I am the last person anyone would ever expect to do this. Remember, I’m an awkward introvert. This has been completely out of my comfort zone. And you know what? It’s been completely awesome!

abc news

abc news2

Somebody slap me. I am on such a high and don’t want to come back down. I feel blessed to have had all these opportunities. Don’t ever count yourself out for anything. If it doesn’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough. I am going to continue chasing my dreams and enjoying this beautiful ride called life. I hope you do the same!

Happy Wednesday! Share something awesome in the comments below! Let’s all celebrate together :)