JORD Wood Watch

I was given a complimentary JORD Wood Watch for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am in love. Her name is Cora. She is my new JORD wood watch. She is beautiful. I never want to take her off. She looks gorgeous on my wrist. I always know the time when she’s with me. Cora was handcrafted by a true artist. I love to show her off to everyone I meet.

jord wood watch
You guys! Seriously! How pretty is this watch?! It is very unique and I have never seen anything like it. I was stoked at the chance to have one of these gorgeous watches for myself. I chose the Cora in Mother of Pearl and Purpleheart wood. Purpleheart wood is sourced from the Solomon Islands. The wood has a naturally rich purple color.  How fancy right?! The purple looks amazing with my skin tone. 

JORD wood watch
I love that this watch totally compliments my style. I can dress it up. I can dress it down. It is so me. And I absolutely adore the company motto “JORD was derived from a desire for timepieces that model our modern lifestyle. Sustainable, efficient, simple, and influenced by experiential living. JORD owners don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.” I sure do baby!

JORD wood watch
I just love the craftsmanship of this watch. They really put thought into every little detail. There is even a J on the crown. It is a very high quality piece of jewelry. It is a mechanical watch so that means you need to wear it to keep it accurate. But trust me, once you see this baby you will never want to take it off.

jord wood watch
A JORD wood watch would make the perfect gift. It is a classic piece that will never go out of style. It is also a conversation starter. It is elegant and even the box it comes in is stunning. Take a look at their collection and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

Coffee Mug Swap

So have I mentioned here that I love coffee? I think the more appropriate question would be how many times have I mentioned I love coffee. I did a coffee mug swap years ago and really enjoyed it. I thought why not host my own? There are many reasons I love these types of swaps. 1. You get a fun new mug to enjoy your liquid love in. 2. You get to make new friends here on the interwebs. 3. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts in the mail?! And so much more.

coffee mug

If you are interested please fill out this form with all your deets. This sign up sheet will remain open for a week. I’ll close it next Wednesday October 14th. I will email you your person on Thursday October 15th. You will have two weeks to get to know who are shopping for. Then you will have a week to get your mug sent. Please try to have it to it’s destination by Friday Nov 6th.

A couple things to note: This swap is open to U.S. peeps only (sorry international friends). I am in no way responsible for the delivery of your mug. Please contact me if you have not received your mug by the 6th and I will do everything I can to figure out what happened. Do not sign up unless you can fulfill the swap. Let’s keep the limit to $20 including shipping. Have fun! And I want to see all these beautiful mugs on Instagram. Tag me @jvkom and use the hashtag #swapmuglove

So are you in?! I’d love to have you. And please share share share! The more the merrier :) Let me know if you have any questions!

Black & Orange + a Free Halloween Subway Art Printable

Now that October is here we are getting into the Halloween spirit. I put out all my fall decorations a couple of weeks ago. This week I am going to switch some of these out for our Halloween decor. I never really liked this holiday until we had the wilds. Having the kids make it so much more fun. And they get so excited when we decorate.

We were rained in all weekend. I knew this was going to be the case so I grabbed a few supplies. I always try to do some sort of craft or recipe with the boys when we are stuck inside. I picked up a small pumpkin for each of them with the thought that they could paint them. They love to paint.
pumpkin craft 4
When I told them the plans they were super excited! I put wax paper down, pulled out all my paints and a couple of brushes, and let them go to town. I love seeing that they come up with. Watching their little imaginations at work is one of my most favorite things. Logan opted for multi color and Nathan went with a solid color.
pumpkin craft2

pumpkin craft 5
This craft was so much fun, easy peasy, and very inexpensive. If you decide to do this craft yourself just make sure that you use acrylic paint so that it will stick to the pumpkin. If you use water color or washable paint it will come right off the pumpkin. Make sure your pumpkin is clean and nice and dry before applying any paint.

I was feeling creative so I created a Halloween Subway Art Printable. I love Subway Art for every holiday. I put them in frames and use them as part of my holiday decor. You can download the one I made and use it for you own viewing pleasure. Let me know if you use it, I’d love to see what you do with it.
Free Halloween Printable

Free Halloween Printable

Have you done any Halloween crafting yet this year?

Friday Confessional

Today I am linking up for Friday Confessional. I feel like it has been a long week. I’ve needed at least 2 cups of coffee every day this week (I usually only drink one). So let’s get to it.

I confess:

I have been dreaming about webinars. I have been watching them non stop trying to absorb all the things. Last night it was about Instagram. You know you are a blogger when you dream about Instagram.


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I confess:

I was so beat up from Monday’s trail run that I didn’t work out again until last night. Dang I’m getting old.

I confess:

I was really hoping school would be cancelled today because of the hurricane. I just don’t like dealing with the bus stop in the rain.

I confess:

I’m actually looking forward to it raining all weekend. As much as I love the outdoors sometimes I just love staying in with a good book and a fire in the fireplace. But after this weekend the rain can leave and not come back until spring.

I confess:

I got rid of my ombre this week. I added in some purple. It’s very subtle. I was hoping it would be brighter.


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What are you confessing this week? Link up with us!

Fall in Central Virginia

As much as I hated seeing summer go I really do love Fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. I love watching the leaves turn. I love the cool air. I love wearing boots and cozy scarves. I love all things pumpkin. I love that it brings the holiday season. I love the smell of fall in the air.

I am going to share with you some of our favorite fall activities that happen in our area.

Apple Picking – We love to go apple picking at Carter Mountain. The wilds have so fun much shimmying up the trees to get the best apples. The bakery makes these amazing apple cider donuts. The views are unbelievable. This has definitely become one of our fall traditions.

apple picking

Pumpkin Patch –  Our favorite pumpkin patch is at the Ashland Berry Farm. You take a hay ride out to the patch to pick your pumpkins. We really enjoy meandering around the patch looking for the best ones. They have a special all you can carry for $20. It is really fun to watch people load up and then take their steps.


Fall Festival – We really enjoy the Chesterfield Berry Farm. They offer all kinds of activities at their festival. There is a hay house with a slide, pig races, corn maze, and much much more. It is fun for the whole family.

What are some of your favorite fall activities?