What did you say?

The saying “Kids say the darnedest things” is oh so true. I never know what is going to come out of the mouth of my babes. It is so innocent that it makes it even better. Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder where they get this stuff. I was also thinking about some of the things they say that I never said as a kid. I put a list together of the top 5 things my kids say that I never said as a child.


5. “Can I have a cake pop at Starbucks?” – I had no clue what a Starbucks was until I was a teenager. And even then the place terrified me. I was intimidated by words like Venti and Frapimacallit so I stayed away until later into my 20s. My boys have known the word Starbucks since straight out the womb. Also, cake pops? They are a fairly newer trend. An absolute awesome bribe when I need one.

4. “Can I play on your phone?” – We played outside. Yes, my boys spend plenty of time outdoors as well. But seriously. Electronics have taken over. They have their own electronics. I was lucky to get my own phone line, land line mind you, in my teens. Your own phone line was a big deal as a teenage girl. Now children get their own cell phones. I had a pager. When I did finally get a cell phone at age 18 it was prepaid. I thought I was balling (at least until the minutes ran out).

3. “Oh I like this song! Mom, buy it on iTunes.” – We had cassette tapes. When there was a song we liked we would sit by the radio for hours waiting for it to play. If we were lucky enough to catch it in time we could record it. We would sit on hold with the radio station for hours waiting to request it. No wonder kids have no patience. They have never sat waiting for their song just to have to run to the bathroom. Then to race back and you missed the first verse. Only to have to wait hours again to get the whole song.

2. “Can you find my show On Demand?” – We didn’t even have cable let alone On Demand. We had rabbit ears wrapped in foil. I was lucky if my show came in clear. Sometimes you would have to hold the bunny ears, hop on one foot, and hold your breath. A remote? Nope. If you wanted to change the channel or turn up the volume you walked up to the ole tube and changed it manually.

And my absolute favorite thing that my kids say that I would have never said…

1. “Mom just Google it.” - No explanation needed.

What would you add to this list?

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My heart

My heart lives outside of my body. It has four feet, four hands, and four eyes. It travels in two different directions during the week. My boys are my heart. They mean everything and more to me. I still cannot believe that Logan started preschool yesterday. I know it’s so cliche but where does the time go? I blinked and my babies and now big boys.


The hardest part for me is letting go. It scares the hell out of me that I am not there to protect them every waking second. I know that I am not alone. That every parent before me has been in my shoes. It doesn’t make it any better. I know that teachers at school do their best. But the teachers are not me. They do not love my boys like I do.

I know it will get easier. We will get into our groove. There will be a time where I’m not counting down the minutes until they come home. There will be a time where I enjoy the quiet house. But today I’m counting down the minutes. Today I’m walking somberly around the eerily quiet house. Today I will hug them tighter and tell them I love them over and over. Because today becomes tomorrow way too soon.


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School is in session

Nathan started first grade on Tuesday. It was definitely bittersweet. John took him to school and dropped him off at his class. He was the first one there. I was a little nervous all day. I knew he would be riding the bus home (he has only rode it one other time) and he wasn’t excited about starting school. By the time 4:00 rolled around I was read to see my baby!

1st grade

He got off the bus like a such a big boy. He didn’t have much to say right away. I asked more questions throughout the evening. He seemed to have a great day and really enjoy his class. He said he was excited to go back the next day. That was a huge relief for me. He even mentioned wanting to ride the bus not only home but to school as well.

Yesterday we had Logan’s Open House at his preschool. He is such a big boy! I can’t believe it. We toured his class and met his teachers. He didn’t acknowledge he had a brother at all! It actually doesn’t surprise me. Everything school related has been all about Nathan thus far. Now it’s his turn :) He said he’ll tell his teacher about Nathan later.

I am incredibly blessed to have two great wilds. They are such bright young boys. I have no doubt they both will do awesome this year!

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Organic Matcha Powder

I recently had the chance to review Organic Matcha Powder from Kiss Me Organics. I have seen this product before and have always been curious. I was very excited when it arrived on my doorstep. John and I tried it right away. I felt a boost of energy almost immediately. I used it in place of my afternoon coffee and I’m glad I did.


Okay so let’s back up. What is Organic Matcha? It is a green tea powder that offers many benefits. Matcha provides 4-6 hours of mild steady energy. It acts as both a stimulant and relaxant. This means that you will not get jitters or feel anxious like some other stimulants can cause. It also aids in weight loss. It does this by speeding up your metabolism.

Organic Matcha contains 137 times the antioxidants of brewed green tea. Antioxidants are so good for you. Matcha green tea helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays, while improving oxygen levels and blood flow. It helps lift the overall quality of your skin. We all want younger skin as we age right?!

If you aren’t a tea drinker, no problem! The recipes are endless. You can add it to smoothies, cupcakes, waffles, even cocktails! This green tea powder is very versatile. I have not baked with it yet but am looking forward to it. I love the bright green color.

Have you tried Organic Matcha? If so, what do you think?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Happy Weekend!

Are you doing anything fun this holiday weekend? It’s our last few days before school starts. I’m going to soak up every minute. If you have children I urge you to get them outside. Summer will be over before we know it. The kids will be stuck inside all day at school. Being active and getting outside is so great for them. I provide some examples over here.

We plan on playing a little soccer. Maybe catching some fireworks. Enjoying some fire pit time. Breathing in the fresh air while we have the chance. It’s going to be hot this weekend so we may even sneak in some pool time. Sounds like a perfect weekend in my book :)


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