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It’s almost December! And with the last month of the year everyone gets busier. It can be easy to get thrown off your normal eating habits. But if you plan a little bit you can avoid this. I love grab and go meals and quick healthy snacks. Things that I can put in a baggie and throw in my purse are the best. Especially with the wilds. I love to have a healthy snack option for them when we are out running around.

These Banana Nut Cereal Energy Bars are perfect! Hop on over and watch the video. They take just a few minutes to make. I will have to make a few modifications with Logan’s peanut allergy. I love the idea behind them. No bake?! I love snacks I can throw together quickly without much fuss. It makes my life so much easier.

cereal bars

Food prep can go a long way. With a little preparation you make sure you stay on your healthy track. Having meals and snacks readily available will keep you from hitting up all the temptations while you are out. Don’t got out with an empty stomach. If you have the time at least eat something small before you hit the road.

Do not forget your water. Having water on hand will keep you hydrated. It will also keep you from purchasing empty calorie drinks. People forget to add up the calories they are drinking. Those can add up really fast before you know it. Keep your water close and drink it often while you out and about.

What’s one of your favorite no fuss on the go healthy snacks?

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My favorite holiday is a week from today! I’m a turkey baby (I was born on Thanksgiving) so it’s only fitting that it’s my favorite. I love all the food. I could eat a whole box of stuffing in one sitting. I can also cook a mean turkey. I learned from my momma. The best part is that we are taking a day to celebrate our blessings and what we are thankful for in our lives.

I have always loved Thanksgiving. I have many warm memories of Thanksgivings past. I hope my boys grow up to love it as much as I do. I love doing holiday crafts with them. I try to find crafts that are easy and do not require a lot of supplies. I want it to be as fun for the boys as it is for me. If things get too complicated they get frustrated.

I’ve told you about my love for empty toilet paper rolls before. I hate throwing them out. For this craft you need empty paper rolls, construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and tape. You can also use glue. I’m a instant gratification person. I hate waiting for the glue to dry so I’m a tape user all the way!

turkey craft


Empty paper roll
Brown, Orange, Red, & Yellow construction paper
Googly eyes
Tape or Glue


Directions: Cut out the brown paper so that it will cover the paper roll for to be the body. Next cut out the feathers from the orange, red, and yellow paper. Cut out a nose from the orange paper. Cut out a gizzard from the red paper. Tape or glue the brown paper around the roll. Next arrange your feather how you want them to look. Tape or glue them to the back of the roll. Next tape or glue on your turkey face pieces. That’s it! Easy right.



One of things I am most thankful for this year is the friendships I’ve made. I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people since we’ve moved to Richmond. We have more friends than ever and I am so thankful for every one of them. Life is much more enjoyable when you can share it with loved ones. I’ve been trying to teaching the wilds the importance of friendship by leading by example.

Netflix has some great title to help with this lesson:


1. Bob and Larry:VeggieTales in the House
2. Bert and Ernie: Sesame Street: Elmo and Friends
3. Bo and Dezzy: Bo on the Go!
4. Justin and Olive: Justin Time
5. Tod and Copper: The Fox and the Hound 2
6. Clifford and Elizabeth: Clifford

And keeping with the friends theme here….ALL 10 seasons of “Friends” hits Netflix January 1st!!

What are you thankful for this year?

This post is sponsored by Netflix. I am a proud member of the #StreamTeam. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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My least favorite room in this house is the Master Bathroom. It is tiny. It has black tile in the shower. BLACK TILE. It has jets in the tub that were installed 25 years ago. The light fixture is awful. The room is just dark and dreary. I bought a cheap plastic shower curtain when we moved in. We needed something that you could see through because of the lighting situation. It was fine until last week.


I was cleaning the bathroom and my mom mentioned I should just throw the shower curtain in the wash. Perfect! I threw it in and when the cycle was through retrieved it to hang it up. Well the design that was on the plastic washed off in places. Oops. Oh well the curtain was literally $10. At that moment I decided I need to spruce up this room.

We went to T.J. Maxx. I just love that store. I can always find what I’m looking for there. I decided I wanted a cloth shower curtain. The boys have one in their bathroom. I love the way they look and they are easy to clean. I opted for white because of the darkness of the bathroom. I also bought a new rug and a shower caddy.

You guys! It looks great! It is amazing what less than $50 did for the bathroom. I no longer despise going in there. Deciding on the white curtain was the perfect choice. It still allows enough light into the shower when it’s closed. It really brightens up the room nicely. I am so glad I ruined the old curtain. I’m now on the hunt for something for the wall. There is a bit of wall space and some artwork may actually open up the room.

bathroom after


What do you think? Have you ever spruced up a room on a whim?

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Time for my annual Birthday/Christmas wish list. I always feel awkward when someone asks me what I’d like. I hate asking for anything. Truth be told I have everything I need. I have a warm home, healthy family, and lots of love. I also know that’s not an acceptable answer when people are looking for gift ideas. So here goes:

A pair of new slippers. I love anything cozy. These are perfect.


The Maze Runner Series. I love books. The way to my heart is with a good book.

maze runner

Hiking boots. These are so cool!


A Patagonia Pullover. Birch White please.


I also love scarves, coffee, leggings, and anything cozy! What’s on your list this year?

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The other night Nathan was horsing around in the kitchen. I heard a loud crash. It was the sound of the top of my Scentsy warmer falling to the floor and breaking. I did not yell. But I was upset and told Nathan it couldn’t be replaced. He could tell by my voice and my actions that I was really upset. He said he was sorry. Shortly after it was his bedtime.

A little while after tucking him in, he crept down the stairs and handed my mom a note. She is visiting for the week. He went back upstairs and went to sleep. She fished the note out of her pocket after a couple of hours and realized it was for me. Mom handed it to me. I read it and immediately a lump swelled in my throat.


I am so sorry for breaking your things. Love Nathan. I immediately felt horrible. I know that he felt really bad. I should not have said that it was irreplaceable. I should have told him that it was okay. I should have told him that I knew it was an accident. He didn’t do it on purpose. He was just being a rambunctious boy full of energy. My emotions definitely got the best of me at the time.

It really made me stop to think. The wilds are so innocent. Nathan is a people pleaser. He is also very sensitive. His note made me stop in my tracks. How blessed am I? My sweet little boy really cared that his momma was upset. He crawled out of his bed, got a pen and paper, and by himself composed this note. I am so proud of him.

Going forward I will stop to think before I react. So he broke something. There are far worse things that could have happened. I need to remember that my boys are 4 and 6. Sometimes I’m quick to forget that. I think we all are. Our children do not maliciously do these things. Accidents happen. We need to let them be children. He showed so much compassion and maturity with his note. I’m actually glad my warmer got broken.

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