A Summer to Remember

This summer was one for the record books. It was absolutely amazing and just what I needed. I took time off from just about everything to live and enjoy every second.I had so many fun adventures. This is the first year that I am dreading fall. I am usually counting down the days. But this year I am sad to see summer go.

I am also stressing out about Logan starting school. I have no doubt that he will do amazing in Kindergarten. I just cannot wrap my brain around the fact that my baby is leaving the nest. He will be going out into the world and picking up who knows what. I want to always be able to protect my children. I have to trust in the hands of someone else.

I keep seeing everyone post about fall and how they are ready. I am just not ready. I am not ready to let this summer go. Time goes by too fast as it is. There is no need to rush it. I am not ready for the shorter days. I am not ready for the leaves to fall and temperature to drop. I am not ready for my new normal.  I’m becoming an empty nester in a sense.

Both the wilds will be in school full time. Everyone keeps saying that I am not going to know what to do with myself. Please stop reminding me. I am well aware. The first week will be very hard for me. For the past 7 years I have been a stay at home mom taking care of my children all day. That’s almost a decade. It’s a hard pill to swallow that this chapter is over.

So let me have my last few days of summer. Let me snuggle my kids a little tighter these next few days. Let me tell them I love them so many times they tell me stop. Let me soak them up and treasure all the memories we made these past few months. Let me wish this summer will never end. I’m just not ready to let it go.



Thank you Netflix for partnering with me. I am a proud #StreamTeam member.

Have you seen Dinotrux on Netflix yet? Your little needs to see this. My wilds are obsessed! After we watched the trailer they were counting down the days until it’s official release. 

They received a surprise in the mail. A box full of Dinotrux swag! They were so excited about all of their new goodies. They immediately put the hats on didn’t take them off all day. They even wore them to run errands. I love that they are so excited about this series.

This action-packed original series combines dinosaurs and trucks. For my boys it doesn’t get much better than that. The main theme of Dinotrux is friendship and teamwork. I love the message. It’s an all around great show.

Have you seen Dinotrux? Let me know what you and your littles think!


We are on our way to the beach for a proper vacation! Only a few more weeks left of summer break and we are taking full advantage. My blog has taken a backseat the past couple of months. And you know what? That’s ok! As much as I miss you all I’ve needed this break. I’ll be back in full action in September. Thanks for sticking around and understanding that life happens :) 


Rain Rain Go Away

Thank you to Netflix for partnering with me. I am a proud #StreamTeam member.

It has been raining for the past two days here. Come on sun! Where are you? The boys and I want to go to the pool. As a mom do you keep tricks up your sleeve for rainy days? I do! You always need an ace in the hole for days where you are stuck in the house. This time mine was Dragons: Race to the Edge! Have you seen it yet? Our family loves it.


The boys watched a few of the episodes and were inspired to play with all of their dragons. I love watching them play. They play pretty well together. They got so lost in their imaginative play that they completely forgot that we were stuck in the house. It really passed the time and made for a great day inside.



The wilds can’t wait to watch the rest of the episodes. And to tell you the truth I can’t either. We will save the rest for a movie night or another rainy day.

Have you had a rainy day stuck inside lately? How did you pass the time?

I’m here!

I’m still here, I promise! It’s been a busy summer as usual. I will be back to posting regular content soon! Right now I am soaking up every second with the wilds. Tomorrow we are beach bound again!

Hope the summer is treating you as great as it’s treating us!