John and I attended our first adult Halloween party in 11 years! We went to a party our first year together. And that’s been it. Ever since we had the wilds Halloween has been all about them. It was fun to dress up and get away for a few hours. I had a blast! We decided to go as Sandy and Danny from Grease.


The host and hostess dressed up as Jay Z and Beyonce. Cheea! Homer and Marge made an appearance. There were so many great costumes. My favorite was the toy solider. His costume was the best! Andrea and Austin even had an ice luge. They went all out!



john and j

By the end of the night John’s wig had fallen over. It looked like Edward Scissorhands. I really think that needs to be his costume next year! Thanks so much Andrea and Austin for throwing such an awesome bash!


Are you dressing up this year?

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One of my absolute favorite pastimes in the fall is having a nice warm bonfire outside. Life doesn’t get much better then when huddled around the fire with family and friends. There is something very calming about shooting the breeze while watching the fire. John and the wilds share my love for a bonfire.


Bonfires remind me of my childhood. We went camping every weekend. Part of camping is the campfire. The smell of smoke and charred wood take me right back there. I cannot wait to take the boys camping. I have such great memories of our weekends spent camping. I want to help the boys make memories of their own.

We can’t have a fire without s’mores. The boys think I’m crazy because I burn my marshmallows. I have always liked them that way. I love to catch them on fire. John is the exact opposite. Perfectly brown and toasted is how he likes his. The boys eat them any way they can get them.

Wild #1 always falls asleep by the fire. The warmth just makes you feel nice and cozy. Having the cool wind at your back and your face to the warm glow feels amazing. I melt right into the chair. Bonfires allow me to forget the troubles of the world as I become mesmerized by the dancing flames. I feel like I’m wrapped in a bear hug by Mother Nature.

Do you enjoy bonfires in the fall?

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Sunday morning we headed out to Ashland Berry Farm for some Fall fun. The wilds were so excited to go pick pumpkins. We visited this farm last year. We waited to late in the season and the lines were crazy. This year it was perfect. We got there right at opening so there were no lines at all. We loaded up for the hay ride and it took us out to the patch.


We got to the fields and started our search for the perfect pumpkins. The day was absolutely gorgeous. It was fun looking through the fields. The boys were having a blast. They liked every pumpkin. I think they had hoped we could take them all. Note to self: Next year bring something to carry the pumpkins in. We had to haul them all back by hand.



The boys were so cute together. They held hands on their own doing. I will definitely be saving these pictures for future blackmail use! I’m so glad they had as much fun as I had hoped they would. I love that they are still at an age to enjoy family time. I dread the day that changes.



ashland Collage

After choosing our pumpkins – we ended up with five – it was time to take a hayride back. It was all you can carry pumpkins for $20. So we loaded John up and got our pumpkins. We took them back to the car and then enjoyed some of the other activities on the farm. It was such a wonderful day. Definitely one for the memory book.



ashland Collage 2

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Linking up today for 5 on Friday!

1. This picture. How stinkin cute is my little Clark Kent?! I helped Nathan’s teacher take these pictures for every student in the class. It was so much fun!

clark kent

2. Logan wants to be a ghost for Halloween. Just a sheet over the head ghost. So I picked up this $3 Goodwill tablecloth. He was ecstatic!


3. I am now a member of the #StreamTeam for Netflix! And they sent me a nice little gift. Feeling pretty pumped about this partnership :)


4. MixedCon is in three weeks! I will be sitting on top of a mountain in this beautiful resort where Dirty Dancing was filmed. I am super stoked!

mixed con

5. I’m excited for the beautiful fall weekend coming our way. It will be filled with soccer, bonfires, the pumpkin patch, and all three of my loves. Life is good!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Any fun plans?


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We have been in our new home for a year! I cannot believe we hit this mini milestone. This past year flew by. Do you celebrate mini milestones? I try to always celebrate the boys. Like I’ve said before kids need encouragement. I finally decorated for Halloween. I’ve had my fall decor out for awhile and the boys have been non stop pestering about the Halloween goods. It definitely put me in the spirit.What better way to celebrate our year anniversary than with cookies! I wanted to make Witch Hat Cookies. They are super easy and very cute if I do say so myself. I haven’t made them in a few years.

Witch Hat Cookies


Fudge Stripe Shortbread Cookies
Hersey Kisses


There are only three ingredients and everything is premade! Told you it was easy. All you need is a package of fudge striped shortbread cookies, Hersey Kisses, and icing. This time I bought the purple Funfetti icing. You can use any icing you like. I have also used white icing in the past and just added a couple drops of food coloring. The choice is yours.

Start by unwrapping all the kisses. This is most tedious part. Put some of the icing into a ziplock bag. You will be piping the icing onto the cookies. Lay the shortbread cookie chocolate side up. Pipe on some icing in the center. Stick a kiss onto the dollop of icing. That’s it! If you are feeling fancy you can pipe of a bow. I also used the funfetti that came with the icing to add a little flair.



I think we’ll snuggle up on the couch tonight and keep the theme going. Are you celebrating any mini milestones this month? Netflix has some great titles along these lines. Check them out!

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Mighty Ducks  The D2 The Mighty Ducks NA EST and VOD Poster Key Art JPEG 571 x 800   WDSHE UK Netflix

This post is sponsored by Netflix. I am a proud member of the #StreamTeam. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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