Fitness Fav on Friday (3) – Link up

Friday, we meet again! Quickly before we get into the link up I have to wish my husband a happy 11 years anniversary. We went on our very first date 11 years ago! And 6 years ago to the day we were in the hospital waiting for our first born to make his appearance. July 18th is a very special day in the K house! I love you John!

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Back to the link up. This week’s topic is your favorite place to workout. Hands down for me is the outdoors. I love running a good trail over every other exercise or place there is. Something about being outside really energizers me. I can always push myself harder when I have beautiful things to look out. I can zone out everything and focus on what I need to get done.

What about you? Where do you like to get your fitness on? Next week’s topic will be what is your favorite place that you draw inspiration from. It could be a certain person, a program, a reason you do it, a place, the list goes on and on.

JVKom Chronicles


Don’t forget to use the link up button or text link back to my blog. Hop around and visit the others. Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts!

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Charlottesville – Monticello Trail

Sunday we piled in the car and drove west. We landed in Charlottesville for some hiking. We decided on the Monticello Trail. It was a beautiful day. We filled up our Camel Pack and off we went. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.



I was expecting mountain views when we reached the top. Instead we stumbled upon history. I had no idea that Thomas Jefferson was a native of the area. There is so much history in Virginia. I learn something new every day. You can tour his house and his grave site. We decided that would be better suited for another day.



It was a wonderful day on the mountain trails with my family. The boys did great. We had a little whining. But it was in the 90s and we hiked like 5 miles. Who can blame them? We were all pretty beat at the end of our excursion. These are my favorite days. Doing some healthy living in the great outdoors!



On a sidenote…I drank water out of a natural spring. John was convinced I ingested some type of intestine eating amoebas. Looks like I lived to tell the tale :)

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Fitness Fav on Friday – (2) Link up

Welcome to another Friday! This has been my first “normal” week in what feels like forever. I was able to finally unpack and start getting back to normal routines. It’s also been raining. The perfect opportunity to get things done around here.
This week’s topic: What are some of your favorite fitness fuels. This could be food, supplements, hydration, recovery, etc. Whatever fuels you in your fitness.
My favorite fuel is Shakeology. I have been using it since the end of May. I love it. It’s the perfect easy and balanced breakfast for me. I can just grab it and go. It is also now clinically proven! It aids in weight loss, reducing junk food cravings, increases energy and improves digestion and regularity. I can honestly say it has helped me with all of these. I feel wonderful.
I think I’ve mentioned this before but I take bee pollen. I haven’t taken it regularly for awhile. I need to get back into my routine. I had so much energy when I took it every day. You can read more about it in a post I did here.
Those are my two favorite fitness fuels. I’m looking forward to reading yours. Link up your post at the bottom. Don’t forget to use the button or a text link back to my blog. Hop around and meet some new friends. Next week’s topic will be what is your favorite places to get in your fitness. Are you a gym rat or do you prefer the great outdoors. Anywhere is game just tell us where!
*On a side note. I am starting a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group on July 28th. I’d love for you to join me. Let me know if you’d like more info.
JVKom Chronicles

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Happy Summer!

Can you believe it’s July already?! We have had a busy first three weeks of summer. As soon as school was out we headed west to spend two weeks in Indiana with my parents. We had a ball. It was great to spend quality time with my parents. I also spent time with my siblings and their children. We made lots of memories that our children will forever remember.

Last week we headed to the coast with John. We finally got to check out Virginia Beach. It definitely wasn’t Florida but it was still nice. The wilds love the beach. They’ve got Florida blood running in their veins. I’m sure we will be back before summer is over.


We had a nice low key 4th. We grilled out and had our own firework show. Logan finally warmed up to sparklers after being a little hesitant. He also doesn’t like loud fireworks. I dug out his racing earmuffs and he was set. It was a great evening spent with my loves.


Today it’s back to the grind. I’m heading to the gym and then probably some pool time later. I’ve got to get back into my routines. I’ve also got to get back to my clean eating. I haven’t been horrible but I need to clean it up a bit.

How’s your summer been so far?

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